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Reclaiming Ourselves & The Planet

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Axis Care Group

The AXIS CARE GROUP is the non-profit branch of The AXIS MAGNA GROUP. We are a group dedicated to helping those in need, as well as keeping our planet the Garden of Eden it is meant to be! We are a small effort with a big vision. Donations are appreciated.

Our services include: Coaching, Trainings, Keynotes, Consulting, Forums, Think Tanks, Retreats in the areas of Wellness, Relationships, Leadership, Environment, Economic Development, Artist Liberation, Personal Transformation, Empowerment, Mental Health, Alternative Medicine, Children & Family Work.

Below are our project sites for which we are endeavoring to raise money. We need donations, grants, and/or financial gifts for seed capital for some projects, while first, second, or other phase funding for others.

We encourage your donations to fund our efforts, secure our headquarters, recruit more staff, purchase supplies, etc. We are approached weekly by people who want employment with our organization, so we really need donations to staff and base our operations.

Additionally, we are seeking the legal help to complete our non-profit status. If you or someone you know is qualified as a non-profit attorney, please let us know.

At this time, we have been doing this work for years and really need the help to complete some of the logistical details that ensure our efforts come to fruition.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to set-up a time for us to discuss what level of participation you desire and in what capacity. Below are links to take you to our project sites or to our contact page where you can describe in detail what you would like to explore with us.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and commitment to the causes of your choice. By giving your deepest gifts, we each evolve as individuals and communities.

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Caring About the World

In today’s troubled world, each of us must surely recognize something we can do to become part of the solution for world peace, even if it is in improving our own speech, thoughts, & behavior.  Every step forward is a step we may move closer to a more enlightened world.  It’s time the human species evolved beyond war & created peace-based economies which nurture the prosperity of all nations.

Axis Care Group: Reclaiming Our Humanity

Welcome to our little, non-profit effort to support individuals, families, communities, & businesses discover socially & ecologically sustainable methods for their top priorities.

Our mission is to help each person & organization express at his/her/its highest potential!

We are available with free or low-cost counseling, consulting, & other support.  Explore our website and let us know how we may best serve you, your family, your community, & your business.

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