Cultural Creatives


The Cultural Creatives

“Cultural Creatives care about the world around them.”

“Cultural Creative” is a term coined by Paul H. Ray, Ph.D. and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson to describe people whose values embrace a curiosity and concern for the world, its ecosystem, and its people; an awareness of and activism for peace and social justice. On the basis of Ray’s research, about 50 million Americans are Cultural Creatives, a group that includes people of all races, ages, and classes. This group will have enormous social and political clout as it continues to gain full consciousness of itself as a cohesive unit.

American society is now divided into 3 main sub-groups:

* Traditionalists: 28% of Americans — 54 million people.

* Modernists: 47% of Americans — 88 million people

* Cultural Creatives: 25% of the population — 50 million, and growing fast.

Those of us CULTURAL CREATIVES who live or visit the Seattle Area in Washington State, USA, will be interested in our members and related resources & events for personal inspiration to live more globally responsible lives. Doing so contributes greatly to the cultural and creative aspects of our lives, and those of our communities.

Artists, healers, inventors, writers, social engineers, related activists, cultural diplomats, sustainable experts, spiritual masters, investors, designers, organizers, innovators, east-west thinkers, paradox embracers, holistic practitioners, scientists, theologians, happy hearts, and other community building individuals, we come together to support each other locally while we endeavor with either global or local pursuits.

Fascinating conversations here in the Seattle Area are stimulating personal evolution as we speak, both individually and collectively. Increasing group averages of higher operational functioning and meaningful solutions discovered through a combination of rational and intelligent thinking combined with profound compassion and affection for the human race, we rock, baby! Men and women, rise to your highest expression as a cultural creative and let other chapters, as well as your family & friends, know we are here!

I would remind you that this “movement” has an underlying precedent for spiritual practice. Hence, we focus on the social practices which build lasting relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and support. Please review our group’s discussions, members, links, and events and join if you feel a “sympathetic resonance”.

As our sister organization from Oregon relates:

“’Cultural Creatives’ is a term coined by sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson to describe a large segment in Western society that has recently developed beyond the standard paradigm of Modernists vs. Traditionalists or Conservatives.

This growing section of the population is admittedly spiritual and embraces the practice of spiritual values in daily life without the necessity of formal religion (Anderson and Ray, 2000). Many adherents to the tenets of the cultural creatives tend to become familiar with a variety of religions and seek to identify with principles that are universal amongst religions. The intention is to search for universal, practical spiritual principles that have intrinsic value, and do not depend on ecclesiastical authority.”

Here we are, ready to say hello, share ideas, and get together as a social group! I emphasize artists, healers, and social engineers to demonstrate the untapped potential latent in this demographic for making this world a better place for future generations. But we do need everyone who is interested in co-creating a better world with more of a loving cosmology! We look forward to your sharing our vision & heart with you! Besides, we don’t want to be on the computer ALL the time…lol!

Please share your comments with us on the Wall as well as in the Discussion Topics! The synergy we create here has far-reaching benefits which are not always readily observable.

Namaste forever,


PS If you are interested in hosting events chez vous or would like to make yourself available to carpool or rideshare, please refer to the Discussion Board.

We have a couple locations set but are always interested in more, so please step forward if you’d like to offer your home or venue for our activities!

Other contributors are of course also invited: food, catering, event leaders, speakers, and other volunteers who want to share their gifts with the group are so appreciated and celebrated! Let’s make this a community which nurtures our hearts and inspires our vision for years to come!