Mission Statement

AXIS CARE GROUP is a consortium of non-profit programs & projects, dedicated to sustainable, environmental health &  stronger, global communities; teaching wellness education, personal growth & eco living principles. We have a wide range of educational programs & resources for people who are “ready for transformation”.

Funded by Axis Magna Group, we help low income & military families, as well as other non-profit organizations, who need resources & training. Eco Living Principles for individuals, families, communities, & regions, as well as international entities can be taught & implemented with tremendous R.O.I. (“return on investment”). With the challenges of affordable health care & the opportunities for innovative engineering, AXIS CARE GROUP offer real solutions for local & global populations who are focusing on “Re-Humanizing in a Hi-Tech World”.

AXIS CARE GROUP is the non-profit branch of AXIS MAGNA GROUP. We are here to provide products & services, as well as run campaigns to make this world a better place.

Our core values are:

Environmental Sustainability ~ Clean air, water, rich soil, & effective atmospheric protection. When the planet suffers, we all suffer. So, let’s clean up the oceans, ensure communities have clean water to drink, eliminate air pollution, and let’s practice “regenerative farming”.

Social Sustainability ~ Freedom of religion, personal responsibility, conscious community building, teaching self-respect & communication skills. Our endeavors to make this world a better place are recognized by our resources, projects & educational programs.



For Individuals

For Non-Profits



Allies for Women

Eco Living Campaigns

Personal Empowerment

Entrepreneur Training

Visionary Leadership

Living Heart Institute



Community Building

Cultural Creatives

Eco Leadership Network

Trauma Survivors

Dalai Lama’s Youth in India

Ocean Ecology Education


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We appreciate your suggestions, feedback, requests, and questions, as we endeavor to make this world a better place. Tell us how you think we can help make this world a better place! Tell us how we can help you! Join the global awakening to consciously co-create a more innovative society to elevate everyone’s vision of what can be now.