Our Story


AXIS CARE GROUP began in 1992, while I was bedridden, making a deal with God, to live a normal life again. My incapacitation turned my life upside down so much that I felt I had to have a re-negotiation of what my Life was going to be. It only took a few months for me to plead with the Love of the Universe, which many call, God. Failure was not an option, I remember thinking. By this time in my healing journey, I recognized that what I needed to heal was a very refined level of care & attention. I called this, Angel Love.

I made an agreement with Spirit, that if I could be delivered from being bedridden, I would provide others with that angelic care which I so dearly needed. But my healing journey would last for years, and kept me headed in the right direction. Nevertheless, I began as a Pain Relief Counselor, helping others to listen to trust themselves as they endeavored forward in their lives. The healing journey asks us to slow down & pay attention in new ways, and to new sensations.


AXIS CARE GROUP began as The Angel Love Foundation, offering Pain Relief Counseling. This is where I began offering Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Counseling, & Chakra Balancing to clients. I wanted to assist others as they learned to listen to their inner guidance.

Next, I began producing a Meditation TV Show for a local station. Several viewers wrote to tell me that my show literally stopped them from committing suicide. Again, an angelic ambience significantly contributed to the well-being of the general community. This greatly inspired me. From my job as a organic chef, to yoga teacher, to TV producer, I found my voice as an advocate for holistic healing.

AXIS CARE GROUP is the consortium of programs & projects which help us reclaim the planet & ourselves. Eco Living is a big theme because the philosophy of ecological supports our most basic existence. Clean water, air, rich soil, nourishing sunshine, enhances health & longevity. But to do this, we need to VALUE our health & well-being. We need to value our environment & our global village.