Teresa Ann Foxworthy, Executive Director

For over 20 years, Teresa has been coaching individuals and groups who recognize the value of personal growth & executive development. She has authored over 200 personal, professional, community, and organizational development programs for small-to-large entreprises, working mostly with Senior Executives. Her clients include: Apple, AT&T, Autodesk, Credit Suisse, Dyson, Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Smith-Barney, Wells Fargo and more. She travels a bit: SF, San Diego, Maui, DC, NYC, Switzerland & France. Her interests include: Ocean Conservancy, Elder Care, Veterans and Empowering Women.



Arthur Morel, Technical Lead

Mr. Morel grew up in Santa Barbara, CA, where he learned to race sailboats. Art has been a software engineer for 30 years and enjoys developing mobile apps, in addition to being the architect for complex, technical systems & networks. He has a passion for water sports, having raced extensively throughout California, during the 90s. Mr. Morel studied Iyengar Yoga for many years which he applied to the Yoga Life Nowapp. His personal interests include: Nutrition, Cuisine, and Travel.



Lee Swanson, Investor Relations

Mr. Swanson grew up in Minneapolis, and also has a passion for sailboats. He handles Investor Relations & Contracts. Residing in Marin County for most of his adult life, Lee is a fantastic chef and has an extensive knowledge of classic rock music. He has owned business and lead other teams to success with his quick wit and depth of perception. Lee Swanson is a strategic analyst who can recognize the solution needed in most any situation.



Theresa Caprio, Community Outreach

theresa caprio wellness coach

Theresa has lived in New York, Italy, San Diego & now has returned to the East Coast. She is in charge of our Community Outreach to support our projects from start-to-finish. Her passion for humanity is an inspiration for all who know her. She has an extensive network of philanthropists and community activists who fuel our vision for the future. Theresa loves projects which focus on natural health, sustainable agriculture, nutrition education centers, and housing for low-income, homeless, veterans, domestic survivors. In her free time, she enjoys nature walks, yoga, and travel.